If the goods you received meet the following conditions, you can apply for returnexchange within 3 days from the date you received the product.

1. For goods quality problems, the customer provides the original test report or original certification documents for quality problems confirmed by the brand, and please return the attachments, user manual, shopping invoice, package and goods during the return. We will refund the full amount after customer provides trackable logistics numbers.

2. If the goods have any damage during delivery, please provide the outer packaging pictures, shipping invoice and product pictures within 3 days after receiving the goods. After confirmation by after-sales service, we will refund the full amount and bear the shipping costs; If you are unable to provide corresponding images, we will not accept your claims.

3. If the goods are lost or mistakenly shipped or mis-shipped, please contact us within 3 days after receiving the product, and provide the order numbers, shipping invoice, goods you shippedmis-shipped and photos of all products to customer service. We will handle related after-sales service for you after confirmation. If the after-sales time limit exceeds, the after-sales service will not process normally.

4. If your order has the above problems, please contact us quickly. We will refund you as long as the product is new and unused. We recommend that you take photos and describe the problem of the product, and send them directly to us through online customer service and email, so that we can confirm the problem with the goods and send you the exact return process.

The following items DO NOT comply with our refund or return policy:

1. any goods not sold on this website.

2. the goods have been used or damaged remove the original labelprotective film resize the product.

3. exceeds the after-sales time limit (customer will not be able to apply for after-sales service if he does not contact customer service within 3 days after receipt).

4. Due to irresistible reasons during transportation, the goods may be slightly damaged, but it does not prevent use.

5. any product quality problems caused by abnormal use or storage by the customer.

6. For items such as a set sold together, the return policy provides customer service for single or multiple items that comply with the return and refund policy, and does not contain all the goods in the set.

Return/Exchange process:

1. You can apply for returnexchange within 3 days from the date of receiving the product to our online customer service.

2. Customer Service will confirm if the goods are consistent with the returnrefund policy. Do not return the goods unless they are consistent with the returnrefund policy.

3. After the goods are received by the warehouse, the staff will complete the refund within 3-7 working days. The actual cash payment will be refunded according to the original route. Since the transfer date differs for each bank, please refer to the actual amount arrival time.


1. The shipping fee will be charged to the customer.

2. Regarding the return and exchange method and conditions, please refer to the records and order process on the sales page.

3. The product you are returning must keep the original carton, instruction booklet and all included accessories intact, as well as any gift card, other gifts or offers included. If there is an invoice, it must be returned with the product and a credit note signed; Otherwise, the company may refuse to accept your return or refund request.

4. You understand and agree that, when you request a product return or exchange, or the Company cannot accept all or part of your order, or the contract is canceled or loses its effectiveness for any reason, the Company shall process on your behalf the documents required by laws and regulations. Related items, such as invoices or credit notes.

5. After placing the order successfully, cancellation or modification of the order will not be supported. Please make sure your order and other information are correct before making payment. (If you find that the order information is wrong after payment, you need to modify or cancel the order, please contact customer service in time quickly for processing.)

If you have any questions about our return & exchange policy, please contact us through our online customer service or contact us at

We will take care of everything.